Purrfect Match: Pets are looking for new homes on Tinder

Purrfect Match


The summer holidays are running in many federal states, the incidence is falling and people are allowed to travel again – what to do with dogs and cats? Currently, four-legged friends are increasingly found in front of the gates of the local animal shelter. The result: overcrowded facilities all over Germany. The Tierschutzverein München e. V. and the Territory agency want to make the placement of animal shelter residents more attractive and will be putting the four-legged friends on the dating app from August 8, 2021 under the motto “The Purrfect Match”

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Purrfect Match: More than just cuddling

Agency employees photograph the dogs and cats. In addition to names, the profiles also contain a self-description of the pet’s character and needs. Territory takes over the matching selection on behalf of the four-legged friends. If it comes to a Tinder match, a chatbot takes over the conversation. If the conditions are right, interested parties will be invited to the Munich animal shelter to get to know the dog or cat personally.

Tinder profile dog and cat

The four-legged friends are presented with a lot of charm on Tinder.

In the
Press release
there is talk of an intensive phase of getting to know each other before submission. That should also be necessary – as is well known, not everyone is looking for long-term relationships on Tinder. In order to spare the animal a return trip to the home and to spare him further trauma, interested parties should definitely consider whether they have the capacity for this living being. Dogs and cats cannot simply be put in the taxi the next morning after a “nice evening”.


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